Black:Cotton ApS designs, imports and sell interior household products in the non food field throughout the entire Nordic region.

The owner of Black:Cotton has more than 25 years of experience with production, design, HR, purchasing and sales to store chains across Europe, from multiple international companies in Denmark.

It is important to us at Black:Cotton that where ever we do business in the world, both when purchasing and selling, the core principle is to act proper and decent. That is our responsibility as a Danish company. These principles also applies to employee relationships, environmental considerations and business partners in Denmark as well as abroad.

We will only achieve long term success as a company by showing respect to our chosen business partners and by constantly striving to improve.

The core of Black:Cotton’s Code of Conduct is development, employee relations, a good work environment and securing human rights.

It is important for us as Black:Cotton that our Code of Conduct is recognized and respected by our suppliers and clients.