At Blackcotton ApS, we see it as an exciting challenge to transform our customers individual ideas into finished products. We have a passion for good design, beautiful colours, easy/simple packaging and a high service level. Our goal is to translate these passions into making commercial products which will create value and economical growth for all our clients in their respective fields.

The philosophy at Blackcotton is based around creating a theme in every product line, where all the individual pieces matches the whole and create synergy combined.
We are in close contact with our clients and through dialogue and meetings we work together to create customized products and concepts which we are able to deliver in the clients own brand, as well as in our own.

We see it as our finest task here at Blackcotton to create functional solutions to our clients’ functional needs. Thoughts and ideas about products and design get shaped and translated into meaningful solutions, so that every product will be authentic and come alive.

We work together with our clients as a sparring partner in the effort to create unique solutions for both indoor and outdoor products in the household tailored specifically to every client.