We are both your supplier and your partner.

The best solutions are created together with our customers. We prioritize customer involvement from idea development to the product is ready to sell in the shops. Welcome to our world, welcome to Black:Cotton.

Unique design and functionality

We have a passion for beautiful designs with stunning colors and gorgeous details combined with functionality that works. We emphasize using the best choice of material and that design and functionality play together. Our storage-friendly packaging is in 95% cases made of FSC® certified material. It is the finesse that counts, and we are good at those.

Packing with care
For us, it’s about minimizing the environmental impact which is why we think extra carefully when we develop packing. We have minimized the use of labels and print directly on the cardboard. We use FSC® certified material, and we go to great lengths to upgrade and rethink packaging, so it is reusable for e.g. storage and not thrown away like much other packaging. Because this matters to us. Read more about our CSR mindset here.

Flexible solutions
Our customers are different and have different needs. Therefore, we have created multiple solutions to chose from it being campaign or assortment; display or shelf; single product or several products put together in one concept. With us, the good solutions are the flexible solutions.