Responsible and sustainable products with FSC®

Black:Cotton is FSC-certified with FSC-certification number SCS-COC-005763-CG og has FSC logo licens code: FSC® C132484.  The FSC®-brand on our products means, that the products are made of materials from FSC®-certified forests and other responsible sources.
It is important for us to take care of our forests and keep them full of life so generations of today and tomorrow can enjoy them. At Black:Cotton we strive to offer a wide range of FSC®-labelled products on request.

What is FSC®?
FSC® stands for Forest Stewardship Council®. FSC is a global non-profit organization which works to spread responsible forestry worldwide through the certification of forests and companies and the labelling of products. The FSC® ensures that wood comes from sustainably managed forests and other responsible sources such as recycling. An FSC®-certified forest must meet high standards of social, economic and environmental sustainability. This means that FSC® helps to look after forests for present and future generations, and the people and animals who live in them. See more at fsc.dk.

What difference does FSC® make?
In an FSC®-certified forest you know that the forest area will remain the same generation after generation.

  • Rare and endangered species and their habitats are protected
  • Parts of the forest are not commercially logged, and parts of the forest are managed specifically to conserve and enhance biodiversity
  • Natural streams, wetlands and riparian areas must be protected, and the forest owner must take care of the water quality
  • The rights of indigenous people must be respected, and the forest owner must contribute financially to projects which benefits the local community (examples are access to medical care, schooling for children, access to water etc.)
  • The forest workers must be trained and have decent working conditions (e.g. safety equipment and pay)
  • FSC®-wood is legally harvested and traded under normal market conditions

Look for our FSC®-certified products.